Our Team

Leon Le Roux (Owner)

I am the current owner since 1999 and have been in the trade since 1998, previously i was in the South African Police Force as a detective and in the security police from 2000. I am a Professional Hunter and an Outfitter since 2008 in 4 provinces (Limpopo, KZN, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga). I am a SASSETA approved Instructor, assessor and Moderator.



Linette Le Roux (Admin)

I am also a co-owner of the business as well as is also an Instructor as well as an Assessor and Moderator and the manager of the training, I am in charge of all the admin and also an accredited SASSETA assessor and moderator. I have been with the shop from 2004.


Gideon Le Roux (co-owner)

I have been around guns since i can remember, I have been hunting from the year 1996 and i am also a qualified Professional Hunter, Professional Field Guide and Lodge Manager. Being the youngster in the shop I am only in the gun trade from 2011 and my passion for firearms just keeps growing and growing. Currently training to become a firearms instructor and i am busy learning the tricks of the trade


Julius Oesterlein

I have been in the gun trade since 1998. I was in the army for 9 years, and I have been shooting since I was 6 years old.



Jimmy Pringle

I was 10 years in the army and there after 7 years in the police force stationed at Randburg, i am also a member of SAAACA. I have been in the trade from the year 2000 and I am a Qualified SASSETA instructor and assessor.


Albert Van Asperen (salesman)

I have been with the shop from 2006 and have been in the trade since 1988. I have been shooting from 1978 and have reloaded my own ammunition since 1980. I am a cartridge collector and have vast experience in repairing.